At Collaborate CI, we bring together a team of people who are the best at what they do, meaning our clients can take advantage of a wide range of expertise.


We can offer design, copywriting and event organisation services as well as sponsorship and advertising support and public relations advice.

Can’t find the right words? Speak to us and we’ll make sure we get your message to the people that matter.

Not looking quite right? We have a designer who can turn a vague idea into a carefully crafted masterpiece.

Not reaching the right people? We can help promote your brand in the ways that matter, making sure your message is heard loud and clear across the islands.

Too much to do and not enough time? Hand your event planning over to our team and we’ll ensure that everything runs smoothly.

From small projects to major undertakings, at Collaborate we make sure we get it right for you every time.


The Collaborate CI stable includes unique, targeted publications in areas covering everything from business to travel. One of our strengths is our ability to produce beautifully designed publications that have plenty of substance as well as style.

We have expertise in producing focused and industry-specific publications, both as one-off projects and ongoing productions.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but we know that when it comes to publications, they need to be worth reading. Our team has the experience to pull together projects that reach the right people in the right way.
Planning an event takes time, effort and expertise. Luckily, we can provide all of that and more. Our team can plan an event from start to finish, or work with your team to add our specific skills.

From the design work needed for a professional event, to finding the right sponsor for a community get-together, we can make sure the experience is both well-organised and enjoyable.
We know that asking for money isn’t always easy, but we understand that for worthwhile projects to happen, sponsorship can be crucial. The right sponsorship deal offers great value for both parties, and can make our islands better places to live for everyone.

As a sponsor, we know that you want to see value for your investment – whether that’s from a successful community event, increased brand awareness, or an opportunity for your staff to feel appreciated. Looking for sponsorship? We understand that it matters where the money comes from and that you need support from the right people.

Finding the right people at the right price. Our industry contacts and experience mean that we can pull together sponsors with the projects that will be best for them. The results benefit everyone.
Public Relations and Marketing
If you’ve got a message you need to get out there, we can work with you to ensure it reaches the right people in the right way. We know the islands and we understand your audience.

From what to say to when to say it, we’ll listen to you and make sure others do too.


Julie Todd

Managing Director

The founder of Collaborate CI, Julie is a well-known face across the Channel Islands. She’s the glue that holds Collaborate CI together and makes sure the right team is on board for every project. Her vast experience in the industry means that she knows who to speak to and how to make things happen.

Julie’s favourite food: Paella – with a chilled glass of wine

Best destination: Menorca. It’s the gem of the Mediterranean

One thing that that no-one would know about me: I was once a TV script writer for Thames Television



Adam Martel

Events and Administration

If it’s an event you’re after, there’s no one better than Adam to turn to. Full of enthusiasm and brimming with ideas, Adam is our Events Manager who turns ideas into reality. From the planning stage to ticket sales, to handling the caterers – we couldn’t do without him.

Adam’s favourite food: Curry – the hotter the better!

Best destination:Florida (fast becoming my second home). Fab weather, people and so much to do at whatever pace you want to take it.

One thing that no one would know about me: I love Eurovision and hope to go for real one day.



Tamara Timothy

Editorial and copywriting

With a background in broadcast journalism and plenty of experience in print publications, you could say Tamara has a way with words. She’d simply say that she loves the chance to meet such a wide range of islanders and find out what’s happening in the islands’ communities.

When she’s not interviewing islanders or tapping away on a keyboard, you’ll find Tamara looking after her young son or heading out for a run to enjoy our beautiful islands.

Tamara’s favourite food: My mum’s vegetable lasagne. She always cooks it for me as a treat when I haven’t seen her for a while.

Best destination: Australia. I’ve spent a lot of time down under and it’s a bit of a ‘home from home’ for me. I love the lifestyle there with sunshine and beaches.

One thing that no one knows about me: I qualified as a barrister as well as a journalist – and no, you can’t see a photo of me in the wig!



Anthony Barbapiccola


Favourite food: Close one but probably Thai.

Best destination: The Rockies in Canada. A hiker’s paradise.

One thing that no-one knows about me: If I told you, you’d know then wouldn’t you?


Jack Mackenzie


Jack’s our ‘go to’ for all things technical, including bringing our website designs to life. His laid-back nature belies a fierce passion for getting technical issues sorted in a comprehensive manner.

Favourite food: Full English breakfast.

Best destination: Egypt. The Red Sea is stunning and I love freediving.

One thing that no-one knows about me: If I told you, I’d have to kill you.